SovereignSky, working with its space partner SpaceQuest, is the first western company to conduct a blockchain transaction in space!

SovereignSky is now working on registering and a private coin sale with the SEC to fund its acquisition and deployment of 8 green, solar-powered blockchain satellites. These will be an equatorial orbit to create connectivity to the 3rd World for its space charity currencies "RUON", "Sovereign", and "SovereignAid".

Phase 1: Completed: Ground-based BEOS tested & operational

BEOS, the EOS forked eco-blockchain, is currently operational on the ground with nodes being installed on cruise liners to work in international waters. BEOS has now been successfully stripped down to work on satellites with a successful space-based transaction sent on December 13th, 2020. This eco-friendly blockchain is now ready to be pre-installed on 8 solar-powered blockchain satellites which SovereignSky is looking to acquire, with absolute minimal energy consumption & carbon emissions. Please read more from Co-founder; Stan Larimer on how our solar-powered blockchain works on Steemit and on our latest whitepaper.

Phase 2: Completed: SpaceX launch, demonstration & satellite testing (2018 - 2021)

In December 2018, SpaceQuest, SovereignSky’s satellite manufacturer, launched "THEA” and “BRIO” onboard SpaceX, although these satellites weren't used for blockchain at the time, they are of similar size, power, and design to SovereignSky’s eco-friendly blockchain constellation planned for 2022/23. These two satellites, launched by SpaceX, alongside SpaceQuest’s AprizeSat-5 were used for testing, deployment capabilities, software, and positioning for future blockchain satellite transactions for an equatorial-orbit providing connectivity to 3rd World. See the Space Charity Deck click here.

Phase 3. Completed: First blockchain transaction processed in Space by a western company.

SovereignSky working with SpaceQuest uploaded part of its eco-friendly EOS hybrid blockchain, designed to work in space, to SpaceQuest’s AprizeSat-5 satellite. On the 13th December 2020, SovereignSky and SpaceQuest processed one of the World's first-ever 'blockchain transactions in space'. SovereignSky will now look to pre-load 8 cubsats with its eco-friendly, green blockchain to work across its satellite constellation and transmit to the earth ground stations and portable D2C solar connectivity boxes it plans to distribute with major charities (see whitepaper).

Phase 4. Ongoing - 2023. 'Solar Connectivity Boxes' for People in Need

SovereignSky & RUON AI together have the ability to reach people, villages, and orphanages in desperate need in the 3rd World. SovereignSky's 'Solar Connectivity Boxes' will include small portable modems which connect to the satellites; cheap android phones with the RUON App pre-installed with digital wallets connected to a smart debit card. With this revolutionary technology, people in extreme need can now receive direct charity donations from people in the developed world, without any other infrastructure (including wi-fi or even power). Donors can see pictures and videos of the positive effects their donation has made and even communicate directly with the donees, happy in the knowledge that up to 97.5% of their donation has gone directly to the person in need providing one of the most efficient and effective donation processes ever created. Read press here.

Phase 5: Estimated 2023. SovereignSky’s Partner, RUON.AI Mobile Application

RUON AI will aim to provide social charity profile pages with digital wallets so unbanked people in the poorest and remotest parts of the world can use and receive electronic currency donations from space. RUON AI is being designed to be the future of social media; a highly sophisticated social media, chat, business, charity & blockchain banking application for Millennials, Generation Z, the mass market, and now the world's unbanked - allowing users in the developed world to donate to charitable organizations and people in need in the underdeveloped world.

Phase 6: 2022 - 2026. Equatorial orbit launch of 8 green satellites for a near indestructible banking system in Space

The target is now to fund, acquire, launch and deploy 8 green blockchain satellites pre-installed with the SovereignSky blockchain. Over the next 5 years, SovereignSky aims to launch more satellites (polar to polar orbit) to connect with the first 8 satellites on an equatorial orbit. Once finished we aim to cover part of the developed world with a secure blockchain network and 'a near indestructible, eco-friendly DEFI banking system in space, powered entirely by solar power' - with near-zero carbon emissions! The goal is to create a future-proof blockchain financial system with global space-based currencies invulnerable to the effects of war, conflict, solar flares, meteor impact, global catastrophe, cyclones, financial collapse and other catastrophic events on Earth(See QSat invoice).

SovereignSky’s Eco-friendly Space-Based Blockchain - A Green Hybrid EOS Blockchain aims to achieve:

(Hybrid EOS Bitshares Blockchains Set in Space)
Global Coverage

A new space currency, deployed upon a satellite network, providing connectivity to ground stations allowing for digital or fiat currency to be beamed to developed and underdeveloped regions.

Remote Access

Will provide the ability for a currency that can be sent and used in the world’s remotest areas with no internet connectivity.


An EOS Bitshares hybrid blockchain, providing one of the most scalable solutions on and off the planet.

Super Fast

EOS Bitshares is one of the fastest blockchains in the world. Complemented with SovereignSky’s ability to affect transactions in space it creates a potentially efficient way to providing charitable donations to individual people in need across the other side of the world very quickly.


SovereignSky’s partner RUON AI is dedicated to humanitarian causes and to help make the world a better place by providing charity profile pages on its app. People in the developed world can find people in need by searching these charity profiles and send them money directly. 97.5% of all charitable donations will go directly to the person in need providing one of the most transparent and efficient donation processes ever created.

Government Goodwill

To help protect our blockchain and our users and coin owners regulation; SovereignSky will be working with government friendly bodies and regulators to create an eco-friendly blockchain that is not only liked by the people but also supported by government and regulation.

A Space-based Blockchain to end Global Poverty

We combine a blockchain platform and token with a low-earth orbit satelite network, based upon government and academia-tested space technology by SpaceQuest, MissionSpace, and other areospace partners. SovereignSky will aim to conduct an SEC-registered private Coin sale to fund the final manufacture and deployment of 8 eco-satellites.

"The project is so all-encompassing it has taken some of the smartest, most visionary minds in blockchain, aerospace, mobile technology, and even science fiction to achieve its grand vision."

Stan Larimer

Co-Founder SovereignSky, BEOS, Steemit, Bitshares

How It Works

1. SovereignSky Boxes

The aim will be to distribute boxes by charities to villages, orphanages, and people in need throughout the world.

SovereignSky Boxes

2. Satellites

Satellites will connect to the Modems. The modems connect to the phones and the digital wallets work with integrated debit cards.

3. Global Network

SovereignSky's network of up to 8 cube satellites will cover a large part of the world with a new encrypted, blockchain network connectivity.

4. Solar powered modems

The modem will convert the satellites signals which the RUON blockchain phones pickup. These signals are picked up once every 90 minutes as our first satellite orbits.

5. Blockchain Phones

SovereignAid and RUON cryptocurrency is sent from donors around the world to people in need also discovered on the RUON App.

6. Smart Card

The cryptocurrency of SovereignAid and RUON is then transferred from the phone’s wallet to the RUON crypto smart debit card to be used to buy food, medicine, water, clothes and emergency supplies.

Based on the "PLANET X" Entertainment Franchise - Science Fiction is now becoming Science Fact here on Earth.

We have developed SovereignSky based on our combined, unparalleled expertise in the blockchain market and beyond. The blockchain is currently operational on the ground and will soon be a space-bound solution to confer equal access to the world’s wealth, regardless of their location, nationality, and economic starting conditions.

After the recent crash of BTC and Ethereum brought on by both Tesla & Squarespace pulling away from BTC ~ alerting everyone to the urgent need for low energy consumption, low carbon emissions, eco-friendly blockchains. Stan Larimer launches SovereignSky: the fastest, most scalable, lowest carbon emissions (zero - when it’s in space and totally solar powered) blockchain which is so advanced it can execute the whole of Ethereum in a single smart contract! Hence, called the “Ethereum Killer” in the press. The EOS fork called "SovereignSky" is known as the Ethereum Killer because it’s seen to have faster transaction speeds, with minimal gas fees. It is a Graphene Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) blockchain based on the EOS design, so there is ‘no mining’ and therefore has minimal power consumption and lowest carbon emissions - a key factor in the crypto industry. In fact, SovereignSky can process 50,0000 transactions per second compared to Ethereum at 30 TPS and Bitcoin at 4.5 TPS. The EOS clone blockchain is currently operating on the ground (see but has also been streamlined to work on satellites with its first satellite blockchain transaction completed in Dec 2020 ( in the companies five-year bid to help eradicate global poverty and redistribute wealth to the World's poorest and remotest areas. The whole concept came from the ‘Planet X’ movie franchise and is now becoming a reality here on Earth.

Solving Tomorrow’s Challenges

There’s are a number of ways in which a sufficiently refined blockchain system like SovereignSky can help solve the challenges passed by current developments.

Climate change

Today’s greenhouse gas levels may be the highest in 3 million years, rising to 412 parts per million in May 2018. Changes in precipitation, extreme storms, rising sea levels, coastal inundation and heatwaves directly affect people’s security, economic well-being and health.

Biodiversity & conservation

The Earth is losing its biodiversity at mass extinction rates. One in five species on Earth now faces eradication; this will rise to 50% by the end of the century unless we take urgent action. Biodiversity loss has a direct human impact – threatening energy, clean water and food supply.

Healthy oceans

The chemistry of the oceans is changing more rapidly than at any time in perhaps 300 million years, as the water absorbs anthropogenic greenhouse gases. The resulting ocean acidification and warming are leading to unprecedented damage to fish stocks and corals.

Water security

The world’s demand for water has grown by around 1% per year. By 2030, we may fall 40% short of the amount of fresh water needed to support the global economy as pollution and climate change affect the global water cycle.

Clean air

Around 91% of the world’s people live in places that fail to meet World Health Organization (WHO) air-quality guidelines. Around 7 million people die annually from exposure to air pollution – one death out of every eight globally.

Weather & disaster

In 2017, the world suffered 710 geophysical, meteorological, hydrological and climatological “natural-loss events” – almost triple the number it suffered in 1980. These events caused approximately $330 billion in damages.

“Between our blockchain companies of Steemit, EOS and Bitshares we process over 75% of all Blockchain transactions. We now take this advanced technology and traffic and put a hybrid EOS Bitshares blockchain into space: to create the world’s next encrypted blockchain network, social platform, and space-based operating system. We even plan to launch our satellites via an eco-friendly space balloon technology!

Stan Larimer

SovereignSky - Co-Founder

"Together we can Provide and Protect Our Children. Save and Preserve Our Wildlife. Eradicate Extreme Global Poverty by 2032."

Timothy E. Burke
RUON AI & SovereignSky Co-Founder

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